54 miles. 24 hours.

The ultimate charity walk

Saturday 7 June – Sunday 8 June 2025, Blairgowrie.
Take on the best. Take on the Yomp.


Thank you to all our Yompers for all your fundraising so far! Give your fundraising one more push and help us raise more funds for soldiers, veterans and their families. 

Fundraising closes at the end of July. 

£451,523 raised

£500,000 Goal

£451,523 raised

£500,000 Goal

Have you got what it takes to take on the best?

The Cateran Yomp is the biggest, toughest event of its kind. Every year, hundreds of Yompers gather in the Scottish wilderness to battle through the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, walking continuously for 54, 36 or 22 miles over 24 hours. Based on an infamous long-distance military training march, it takes every ounce of grit you possess.  And every single step helps our mission: to be there for soldiers, for veterans, for their families. For life.

The Yomp takes courage. Discipline. Integrity. Teamwork. It’s not easy (understatement). But we promise, it will be 24 hours that you’ll never forget.

What you get

All food and drink across the route. Campsite access. A goodie bag, technical t-shirt and that all-important medal. Plus training tips and fundraising support, including setting up your online fundraising page.

Bragging rights? They come for free.

Mind you, so do blisters – that’s why we set up a Facebook page for Yompers to swap advice and info every year.

Shake up team building for ever

Brian from Accounts may never forgive you, but that’s a story for another day. With three routes to choose from, the Yomp isn’t out of reach.

So if you want your guys to take on the best, rather than taking on the blah, let’s talk.

We can put together a stress-free package for almost any size of team.

Mates first

Yompers must walk in teams of at least three people. No discussion, no debate – it’s how we keep you safe in the wild in the dark. But if you don’t have a team, it’s no biggie – tell us when you sign up and we’ll match you with a team of other Yompers just before the event.

You must be 16 for the bronze route (22 miles) and 18 for silver (36 miles) and gold (54 miles). Upper age limits? Not on our watch. If you’re fit enough to take on the Yomp, there’s a place for you in Perthshire.  


The 2019 Cateran Yomp

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