54 miles. 24 hours.

The ultimate charity walk

7 June – 8 June 2025. Blairgowrie.
Take on the best. Take on the Yomp.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

That’s been the Army’s watchword for decades. When it comes to the Yomp, make it yours.    

Let’s be real. It’s a huge challenge. Accessible and achievable, but huge. Expect blisters, expect cramps, expect a few tears before bedtime, and expect to train. Hard.  

Our Facebook page is a great place for swapping training strategies – we’ll sign you up. Plus, personal trainers Yolanda Gratton and Tom Cuff-Burnett have developed a nine-month training plan for each distance. You’ll get it when you sign up, but the headline? Get. The. Miles. In.  

And remember. If it wasn’t tough, anyone could do it.  


They say an Army marches on its stomach; we say it marches on its feet (obviously). Make your boots your best pals. Love them, cherish them, and break them in properly.

You’ll also need clothing for all weathers (it’s Scotland – we mean ALL weathers) and basic first aid supplies. Because you should train while carrying everything, we send the compulsory kit list nice and early so you have time to get it together.