54 miles. 24 hours.

The ultimate charity walk

8 June – 9 June 2024. Blairgowrie.
Take on the best. Take on the Yomp.

On a long day, you need your mates behind you.

Every walking team must have a support crew of at least two people to keep them going, keep them fed and keep them happy.

The support crew…

  • Bring the moral support. And the snacks. The good snacks, mind. This is no place for rice cakes.  
  • Carry out basic first aid, like dealing with blisters.
  • Move kit and supplies around the route.
  • Stay in contact over the 24 hours and look after any Yompers who drop out.

The support crew are part of the Yomp family – we couldn’t do it without them. To say thanks, we give two crew members dinner on Saturday evening as well as breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Support crew are welcome at the Friday Night Feast with a ticket – buy all tickets when you sign up or through Yomp HQ.

I'm solo

We get it. It’s a lot to ask someone to travel with you and stay up all night. We’ve got you covered. For £30 per Yomper, we’ll take your kit from checkpoint to checkpoint, help you with snacks or changing your socks, and take you back to the event hub from the bronze and silver finish points. More information here.

I’m solo and don’t want to pay for support

A lone wolf. We like your style. You’ll be responsible for carrying all your kit and getting yourself back to the event hub from the bronze and silver finish points, or if you drop out. Of course, we’ll still provide medical support on the route through our emergency procedures.