Rifle Run

Rifle Run is the first event of its kind – based on a military exercise called a march and shoot it combines three shooting challenges with a 10km cross-country run.

Supporting ABF The Soldiers' Charity - the National Charity of the British Army


We are very sad to announce that we have made the decision to cancel our series of Rifle Run events for 2021 and beyond.  

We appreciate how disappointing this news will be, especially as many of you transferred over from the cancelled 2020 events. 

This was not a decision taken lightly and was ultimately made with the health and safety of our fundraisers, staff and volunteers in mind, as well as the needs of the charity. It is currently unclear if events such as Rifle Run will be able to take place in April and unfortunately COVID-19 has hit the charity very hard and we cannot afford to invest in the event with this uncertainty hanging over us. 

At this point there are no plans for future Rifle Runs. We have loved working with British Shooting, EJ Churchill (South) and Catton Hall/Adventure Cheshire (North) and meeting all the fantastic people who have taken part over the three years Rifle Run took place. 

We have contacted everyone who has signed up with more information and what to do next. Please check your e-mail. We know that you will all have questions but please do bear with us as we work through the cancellation process. We have put together a FAQ to hopefully answer most of your questions, which can be found below.  

Frequently asked Questions

Below are answers to the commonly asked questions regarding the cancellation of Rifle Run. 

If your question is not answered below then please do not hesitate to contact us on events@soldierscharity.org 

1) I'm signed up, what are my options?

You have two options:

1. Request a refund of your registration fee. Please see below for refund information on both registration fees and fundraising. 

2. Donate your registration and fundraising to the Charity. 

2) Why can't you commit to future Rifle Runs?

The charity is currently making plans for it's long term survival. Given the huge amount of uncertainty surrounding running events at the moment and we cannot commit limited charity resources to the event right now. 

3) Am I entitled to a refund?

Due to the circumstances of this cancellation you are entitled to a full refund, or your registration and fundraising can be left as a donation to the Charity.

If you and your donors wish to make your registration and/or donation a donation to the charity at this difficult time then you do not need to do anything else and we are incredibly grateful for your generosity.

If you would like to discuss a refund please contact us on akenyon@soldierscharity.org. Please note, for any fundraising donations to be refunded, the donor themselves will need to get in touch with us directly.

4) What will happen next?

The Charity's priority is to continue to provide grants to soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need. We expect an overall increase in the number of requests from support from both individual and from partner charities whose income has been/will be affected by COVID-19.

If you are a soldier or veteran and at any point you have any difficulties, financially or otherwise there is help available. Please visit our grants page for further information.

5) What will it take for you to run Rifle Run in the future?

We would love to bring Rifle Run back to EJ Churchill and Catton Hall, but we would need investment from a headline sponsor. If you or your company are interested please get in touch on akenyon@soldierscharity.org