Ian Hughes

The Frontline Walk 2024: The Normandy Beaches

I'm taking part in the Frontline Walk: The Normandy Beaches. I'll be trekking 100km of the coastline stormed as part of Operation Overlord during the D-Day landings of the Second World War.

I'll be doing this to commemorate the sacrifices made by those who fought in WWII whilst helping to support the soldiers and veterans of today.

It will be a physically and emotionally tough challenge, but I'm doing it all for a great cause: ABF The Soldiers' Charity, the National Charity of the British Army. They support soldiers, veterans and their families when they need it most.

Please cheer me on by making a donation towards my target.

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My Updates

Kilimanjaro done

After a long trek to the Summit and back, Kilimanjaro is complete, 6 summits and two poles left

Thank you for all the kind donations 🙏 Onto Denali next, wish me luck it’s a tough one and cold 🥶🥶🏔️🏔️

7Summits challenge for the ABF

Over the next two years, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting our heroes through fundraising for the Army Benevolent Fund—the Soldiers' Charity. Your backing in this endeavor is not just appreciated; it's essential.

I am embarking on an extraordinary adventure that symbolizes the courage and endurance of our servicemen and women: I will be attempting to climb the Seven Summits. This formidable quest will take me to new heights—literally—as I aim to conquer each continent's tallest peak. The journey begins with Mount Kilimanjaro this month and continues with Mount Denali in May.

In addition to these towering climbs, from October 2nd to 4th of 2024, I will also participate in The Frontline Walk 2024: The Normandy Beaches event—a poignant trek honoring those who fought bravely during D-Day landings.

The Soldiers' Charity provides unwavering support throughout soldiers' lives—during active duty, transition back into civilian life, and beyond. They stand as a pillar of strength for veterans facing adversity after serving our nation valiantly.

My personal pledge is ambitious: raise at least £5,000 directly benefiting The ABF Charity. With each step up these summits and along Normandy's historic shores every contribution propels us forward towards achieving this goal together.

To join me in making a difference by sponsoring my Seven Summits challenge or The Frontline Walk please visit my fundraising page:


And if you feel inspired to walk alongside me during The Frontline Walk 2024 or require more information about registration check out:


Your generosity fuels not only my climb but also uplifts countless lives touched by charity’s invaluable work. Thank you deeply for your support—it means everything!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Craig & Team At Zappshelter

Team Zappshelter is delighted to sponsor such a massive personal undertaking in support of a worthy cause. Best of luck, Ian!


Pyrenees Reg


Mark Whittle

Well done Ian.


Mark Smyth

Epic challenge Ian and the very best to you and your team.


Richard Burmeister

Good luck Ian. This is a real challenge which I know you will tackle with your normal incredible energy, enthusiasm and with a good sense of humour. You are my hero!!


Andy Butler

I can think of better ways to fill your days Ian, but as always you have to be different! Amazing effort and a very worthy cause


Roger Sheridan

All the best on your endeavours Ian, respect goes out to you & proud of you for the charity chosen.


Infinite Access Services Limited

Great effort, a very worthy cause


Ian Hughes


Jason Smyth

Great cause - good luck mate ;)


Dave Thompson

Incredible challenges Ian for a very worthy cause, good luck!!



Good luck, what a great cause and tough challenge!


Martin Hewitt

Good effort Ian, good luck with the rest mate.


Luke Khan

Well done mate. Onto the next mission ☺️. Wish you all the best Ian.


Ian Hughes


Oliver White

Good luck Ian, keep putting one foot in front of the other! O


Gary Jarrald

Good Luck Ian, such a worthy cause, looking after our own


David Bonar

Well done Ian - a worthy cause!


Rutger Lieverse

Great initiative and pleased to support your efforts!


Andrew Duncan

Have a great few years on your quest


Gavin Bains

Inspirational to all Ian, a great personal challenge for a great charity, best of luck!


Adrian Slater

BZ Ian, great effort !!!👏👏👏


Andy Sutton


Kay Jaffrey

Best of luck Ian


Richard Baily

All the best Ian


Tina Thomason

Happy to help in a small way to our Armed Forces, keep up the good work Ian


Kim Balls

Enjoy the adventures Ian. Such a worthy cause.


Michael Noble

Ian, well done on your 'Kili' challenge. A great effort for a fantastic cause.


Mark O'callaghan

Hi Ian, This is an absolutely amazing challenge you have set yourself, I hope that you have great weather on all of the mountains. Looking forward to seeing all of the updates. All the best Mark


Ed Woodrow

Congrats Ian on stage 1 - crack on!

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